Maxwell Enamels

Before and after images for restoration of a 1930's Royal Automobile Club emblem from Belgium

Before and after images for restoration of a 1912 Mitchell


Here you will find the facinating and highly demanding art of restoring vintage automobile emblems. If you have a damaged enamel emblem that needs to be restored, you've come to the right place.

I restore emblems and badges to 100-point show quality level and all are mechanically functional. I work with individual owners, judges and professional restorers. I am honored to have worked on emblems for multiple vehicles that have shown, and taken awards, at Pebble Beach, Amelia Island, Hershey, Newport Beach, The Quail and Villa d'Este. Two of the automobiles have been featured in The Robb Report Collection issues. I really enjoy being able to bring an item back to life and being part of the history of these classic automobiles.

The emblems were works of art that showcased the maker’s logo with durable and vibrant vitreous [glass] enamel colors. They began to disappear in the 1940’s except on high end cars. They remained common in Europe through the 1960’s. Some prestige vehicles still carry vitreous enamel emblems.

These automotive "jewels" ultimately could be found on the radiator or hood, trunk, side panels, hubcaps, dashboard, horn, headlights and as coachbuilder tags. Just those, multiplied by the different manufacturers, models and years can run into thousands of variations.

There are additional personal badges an owner may attach to the vehicle: The countries visited, professions, clubs, rally, insurance, good driving. Then there are the pins, plaques, jewelry and watch / key fobs.


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