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About Me

I find enjoyment working with a technical craft that is centuries old but is still unique in our modern world. The visual reward is a vibrancy of opaques and luminosity of transparent enamels that is commanding.

I have had a life long love of jewelry and glass. Originally I made stained glass windows and viewed them as architectural "jewelry". Later, after discovering enameling, I was thrilled to be able to combine glass with silver and high karat gold using the cloisonné process.

I continue to feel I am in the jewelry world and appreciate the craftsmanship and design that was used to create the early vehicle emblems.

My introduction to car badges was in 1990, a damaged 1936 Mercedes Benz emblem for a custom vehicle. This one-off car was purchased as a pile of rusted parts for $1,000,000. It was fascinating to watch the progress as it evolved into a show car. 


Over the years my portfolio has grown to include drivers, classic show cars and many one-off’s or limited production vehicles. 


I am committed to providing:

The highest quality of craftsmanship



Commitment to deadlines

I’m very proud of these responses from past clients:

A big, big thank you for an incredible job.
-- Ross M. [1935 Voisin C25 Coupe]

I received the Mitchell badge today and it is stunning.
Karl D. [1912 Mitchell]

The Republic emblem showed up today and it is absolutely gorgeous!! I couldn’t be happier with the results.
-- Fred C.
 [1932 LaFrance-Republic truck]

 We think you did an outstanding job on this emblem!!
Terry W. [1916 Buick]

 All I keep saying is WOW! Thank you again for working on this for me and making it look better than I could have ever imagined.
-- Alan D. [1920’s California State AAA badge]

The emblem is here and beautiful. Very very nice! I'm impressed and delighted.-- John R. [1910 Chalmers-Detroit reproduction] 

Thank you for the beautiful restoration. Your good work will help make my car original and look professionally done.
 -- Howard B. [1928 Ford]

 The emblem looks just fantastic!! Thanks again for all your effort and great work.  -- Les H. [1933 International Truck] 

 Lovely work – many thanks.  -- John N. [1936 Jaguar SS 100] 

Received the emblems this afternoon and they look GREAT!
-- Larry B. [1938
Lincoln Zephyr]

Looks Great! Keeping it in the safe until the car is ready.
-- Roy L. [Overland Whippet]

I received the horn button and it is perfect! Thanks for a great job.
-- Nick C. [1936 Packard]

Wanted to let you know, what a beautiful job you did on
the 1911 Premier emblem.
-- Bill A.

Love them!  -- Steve H. [1950 Talbot Lago hood and trunk] 

Thanks for the great job on my emblem. It is just beautiful…..It’s just like new.  -- Don M. [1928 Whippet Six]

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